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The Freehand Formula Entry System

Welcome to the FFES download page. The Freehand Formula Entry System (FFES) is a pen-based equation editor implemented in C++ and Tcl/Tk. FFES was created by Steve Smithies in 1999, when he was a Master's student at the University of Otago (NZ) under the supervision of Kevin Novins. Since that time, a number of others have contributed to FFES (see below). While best suited to use with a tablet, FFES can also be used with a mouse.

FFES recognizes input using a character recognizer (CIT) and an expression parser (DRACULAE). Symbol recognition results are shown to the user by symbols drawn behind the user's strokes. Expression recognition results are shown using an image in the bottom panel of FFES and through the "Align" operation, which morphs symbols to ideal sizes and positions based on the recognized expression structure. Recognition results may be copied and pasted from FFES to other applications.

FFES comes with documentation, and a number of related research publications are available from this page.

Last Update: April 8, 2005 (R. Zanibbi)