The engineering of interactive systems presents significant challenges for designers and developers. It has proven difficult to create development practices that address usability of interactive systems. This is particularly true of richly interactive systems, such as those involving collaboration, mobility, augmented reality or safety criticality, or using novel interaction devices such as tabletops or large-screen displays. DSV-IS provides a forum for researchers addressing the design and development of interactive systems. The workshop investigates the effective design, specification and verification of interactive systems, at all points in the software life cycle.

A continuing challenge is determining the success of novel techniques for developing interactive systems. The community is particularly interested in approaches for evaluating and comparing methods, technologies and design artifacts. Evaluation techniques in this domain include experience reports, case studies, experiments, and mathematical proof. Such evaluation is a necessary precursor to adoption of new techniques within industry and the broader HCI community.

The XVth International Workshop on the Design, Verification and Specification of Interactive Systems provides a venue for researchers and practitioners to present their latest results and developments. Papers and demonstrations are invited on topics that relate the user interface and software engineering, including theory, techniques and tools for the design, development and validation of interactive systems.

DSV-IS 2008 is offered in cooperation with IFIP Working Group 2.7/13.4 on User Interface Engineering.