CISC204, Logic for Computing Science: Notes and Study Guide

Lecture Notes
The instructor will occasionally post lecture notes. These are mainly for the instructor's personal use, as reminders of the major topics to be covered; they are not formal notes for study. One set of notes may be for one or more classes.

Week #01: Class #01 Class #02 Class #03

Week #02: Class #04 Class #05 Class #06

Week #03: Class #07 Class #08 Class #09

Week #04: Class #10 Class #11 Class #12

Week #05: Class #13 Class #14 Class #15

Week #06: Class #16 Class #17 Class #18

Practice Problems

These practice problems have been useful to students in previous years. These are a minimum of self-study problems that should be solved before taking the tests. There will be no formal homework assigned or assessed in this course.

For these exercises, sub-questions other than those listed may be more difficult than can be expected to be answered in an in-class test.

Text Section Exercises
Test #1 Classes 1-4 inclusive
§ 1.1 1(a), 1(d), 1(j), 2(d)
§ 1.2 1(a), 1(e), 1(m), 1(s), 2(b), 2(g), 2(h), 3(c), 3(g), 3(u)
Test #2
§ 1.4 1, 2(a), 2(c), 2(h), 12(a-c)
§ 1.5 2(b), 2(d), 6(b), 7(a-c)
§ 2.1 1, 2, 3(a-e), 4(a-d)
§ 2.2 2, 4(a-f), 5(a-d)

Previous Tests

These tests are from a previous offering of the course. Previous courses tested material in different groupings to different levels of difficulty; there is no guarantee that previous tests will map well to the current course.

Test No. Year
Test #1 2016 2015
Test #2 2016 2015
Test #3 2016 2015
Test #4 2016 2015

Request for Test Re-Marking

If you have any question about your mark, please fill out this form. Include the form and your marked test in an envelope and hand them in to the instructor no later than one week after the marked test is returned. Your entire test will then be re-marked and, as a result, your mark may go up or down, or remain unchanged. Please note that no request for a re-mark will be considered if your answers were written in pencil or erasable ink.

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