CISC271, Scientific Computing: Winter 2017

Course Description:

Scientific computing encompasses a broad range of techniques to develop computer programs with a certain level of mathematical complexity. This course will cover those techniques known as numerical analysis or numerical methods, specifically addressing sets of data in vectors.

To test, implement, and analyze these numerical techniques, we will use MATLAB as an interactive tool and programming language.

General Advice: This course material seems to be best learned using the "write-hand" rule: students who take notes, by physically writing on paper by hand during the lectures, tend to learn the material more thoroughly than those who do not.

The author of the course text, Professor Gilbert Strang of MIT, has an extensive set of video lectures that are available free of charge. They may be a useful study guide as an addition to the lectures.

Recent Course News (as of April 25, 2017)

  • The course will next be offered in January, 2018

  • Last updated April 25, 2017