Links to Other Resources

This Page Will Remain Under Construction For Most of the Term as people discover additional useful links. Availability of books in the Douglas Library reserve has not yet been confirmed, and I hope to add more links.

Several resources are available on the onQ site. Typically these are copyrighted and thus available by special permission, and only for the study by students taking CISC 322 in the current term.

UML Tools

I've received a strong recommendation for UML@Classroom as a resource for learning UML.

Some courses have promoted UMLet for drawing UML diagams. I do not use it (currently preferring standard drawing programs) but some students have been successful with it.

If you have a preferred free tool and brief testimonial I will consider posting your description and a link.

Design Patterns

The Gang of Four (GoF) book on Design Patterns is on reserve in the Stauffer library. It has long been the standard reference on design patterns; we were, unfortunately, only legally allowed to reprint a small subset in the courseware. There are others online, albeit sometimes with different terminology.

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