CISC 352 Fall 2015: General Information

This is an introductory course in Artificial Intelligence, required for BMCO, COCA & COGS students. Here is the current Arts & Science calendar entry for CISC 352:

CISC 352/3.0 Artificial Intelligence 3L An introduction to the basic principles and tools of artificial intelligence. Problem solving methods and knowledge representation techniques. PREREQUISITES CISC 235/3.0, CISC 260/3.0.


This page provides minimal overview information. Full course information and files for downloading are located on the associated Moodle site.


There are three lecture hours each week. We meet Mondays at 10:30, Wednesdays at 09:30, and Fridays at 08:30, in Jeffery Hall 234 . The classroom hours will include lecture material, on PowerPoint slides and links to the notes and examples will be posted in advance whenever possible.


image of the text book cover Our textbook is Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (Third Edition), by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. Lecture coverage will follow the textbook quite closely. The Campus Bookstore will have new copies available, as well as used copies and a link for purchasing the ebook version. There are paper bound versions of the current edition available from some online book sellers at much lower prices than charged for the hard bound version. Someone may try to sell you a used copy of a previous edition. Be certain you purchase only the third edition.
The textbook website (here) includes a table of contents and chapter descriptions as well as other resources.

Instructor: Jim Rodger

My office is in Goodwin Hall, Room 554. I don't generally schedule fixed Office Hours, at least not to begin the term. You may always contact me to arrange for individual meetings. Send email or speak to me at class to make an appointment. I encourage you to contact me with any questions and concerns, or to arrange to meet privately at a mutually convenient time. is the best way to get in touch. I don't use my office telephone or Queen's voice mail.

Teaching Assistant: TBA

Contact information for the course TA will be posted after TA assignments have been announced.


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