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First-year Students

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Frosh Group Assignments
Map fron Rez to Walter Light Hall (WLH)

Online Frosh Handbook

A World of Welcome!
Who are we?
What is this "frosh week" thing I hear so much about?
Anything else I should know?
Sounds wicked-cool! Sign me up!
Frosh week's over. Now what?
Tips for First Year
A Linguistics Lesson
And now for something completely different...
Don't forget these, Frosh!

Welcome to the Family!

A Linguistics Lesson: Queen's Lingo

Many words are specific to Queen's. You'll use them a lot, so get to know them!

  • Rez Express: Expensive little shop in Vic Hall. You'll visit here with your flex dollars when A&P is oh so far away in the winter!
  • Sodexho: The people who exchange lots of your money for some of their ³food². It's not home cookin', but it is edible. We older folk also refer to Sodexho as Marriott (they changed their name two years ago). Stay away from the ice cream. It leads to Frosh 15.
  • Frosh 15: The fabled drop in 15% on your average and rise in 15 lbs of your body weight. This can be avoided by doing your homework, and using the PEC/avoiding ice cream.
  • PEC: The Physical Education Center. It might be dark and musty, and the machines might be old, but it's included in your student fees, and there's a pool and arena. Check it out!
  • JDUC: John Deutsch University Centre. Holds services such as the QP, Common Ground, etc. Also holds the AMS offices and some university offices.
  • Mac-Corry: Arts and Science offices and a food court are found in this building. You might spend some time here if you like to eat better than the caf. Also has classrooms.
  • QP: The Queen's Pub. Serves lunch all weeklong and dinner on Sunday nights. They have good food, better entertainment, and even better drinks. There are all-ages nights too.
  • The Hub: Refers to the downtown area of bars (AJ's, Stages, the Brass) and restaurants (Gustos, Hoppin' Eddy's, The Grizzly Grill) owned by the Hub Corporation.
  • The Cocamo: Also called the Œmo, this bar is all-ages on Thursday nights, and a cool place for first-years to dance. Most upper year students won't be caught dead here though!
  • AMS: The Alma Mater Society is like the federal government of students. They provide services, and volunteer and employment opportunities. Check
  • ArtSci: Arts and Science student. You are technically one of these, but not really. We're mostly Computing students. If anyone asks you your faculty, it's ³Computing².
  • Blue Light: These are the security lights found around campus. They have blue light bulbs. If you ever feel unsafe or need help, hit one of these and you can talk directly to security.
  • Commies: These are the money-grubbing commerce students. They can be spotted with their laptop bags, Starbucks coffees, and dress clothes in class.
  • Engineers: These are the people who'll beg you for Java help. They think they're Queen's best and brightest, but we know better. They're really just scared kids under that purple.
  • Golden Gaels: These are the pride of our athletics department. Each team at Queen's ­ Football, Soccer, Rugby, etc ­ is the Golden Gaels. The most famous is probably Football.
  • Golden Words: GW is the humour newspaper on campus. Get it every Wednesday!
  • Oil Thigh: This is the Queen's fight song you will know and love. We sing it during frosh week, and any time a football touchdown is scored.
  • Phys Eddies: These are Physical Education jocks taking science courses. They get really mad if you beat their intramural or BEWIC sports teams.
  • NEWTS: New, Exchange and Transfer Students. They are dressed all in orange, and are coming from another university or the Castle to study at Queen's.
  • Rez: Residence, your new home! There are several: Vic, Gordon-Brockington, Leonard, McNeil, Ban Righ, Addy, Chown, Stewart, Albert, West and Morris.
  • West: More residence and the best cafeteria at Queen's!
  • The Journal: Queen's news-based newspaper. Keep up to date frosh!
  • Tricolour: Red, gold and blue. These are the official Queen's colours.
  • Frec: A purple frosh leader for engineers. Don't let them intimidate you. They're all big dorks under that carcinogenic purple die!
  • Gael: A frosh leader for ArtSci's. Very spirited, and they don't bite! Not dorks like Frecs
  • COMPSA: The Computing Students' Association. These great people put on events and do things for Computing Students. They're like the provincial student government.
  • Frosh: First-year students. That's you! Easily spotted with their keys around their necks.

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