Headshot of David Alex Lamb

David Alex Lamb

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair
School of Computing
Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario (see directions or Google Maps)
Office: Goodwin Hall, Room 626; Lab: Goodwin 624
Email: dalamb@cs.queensu.ca. I do not read email after I leave work for the day, so if you mail in the afternoon or evening or on weekends, don't expect a response until the next workday.
Questions about academic advising and things requiring action by the undergraduate chair should first go to Karen Knight.
Notes on teaching and academic advising.
I am currently on sabbatical until June 30, 2019. If my door is shut, don't knock; I'm either not here or working on something it would be disruptive to interrupt.

I received a Ph.D from Carnegie-Mellon in 1983, and am a member of ACM, IEEE, and Sigma Xi.
Research interests. I generally work in software design methodologies and software architecture.
Mathematics genealogy. Google Scholar. The ACM Digital Library mixes my work with that of a different David Lamb; look for D.A. Lamb or David Alex Lamb.