School of Computing Academic Advising

See the list of academic advisers, including cousellors for each plan, and coordinators for capstone courses.

Primary Sources of Information

Instead of waiting for an adviser, you can find answers to a lot of basic questions on the School's webpages, starting at the "Education/Undergraduate" menu on the School's home page. The following links can be found with one click from that page:

In additon, SOLUS can give you an "Academic Advisement Report" (AAR) on what requirements of your plan you've already met, and which remain unsatisfied.

Where possible I've shown how you can figure out some such questions on your own, since that will get you answers faster than asking an adviser.

University and Faculty Sources

Ultimate truth about several aspects of questions people ask are found on various university and faculty web sites.

Previously-Asked Questions

Many questions are already answered in the School's FAQ about undergraduate computing programs, which includes how to deal with exceptions to the Queen's regulations.