Farhana H. Zulkernine, PhD, PEng

Farhana Zulkernine is an Assistant Professor and the Coordinator of the Cognitive Science program at the School of Computing at Queen's University. She holds a Ph.D. degree from the School of Computing at Queen's University and is a member of Professional Engineers of Ontario. She has more than 15 years of international work experience in three continents in software design, analysis and research.

Current Students and Postdoctoral Fellows:

Postdoctoral Fellows
Name Date Started Topic Information
Haruna Isah Nov 1, 2017 (for 2 Years) A Multilevel Streaming Data Analytics Infrastructure for Predictive Analytics
Hasan Zafari Sep 15, 2018 (for 2 Years) Unstructured text data mining to diagnose PTSD

Graduate Students
Name Date Started Topic Information
Yuhao Chen (MSc) Fall 2019 Question answering using deep learning from unstructure text data.
Mirza Golam Hafiz (MSc) Fall 2019 Cybersecurity in using natural language querying for backend data storage systems.
Isaac Hogan (MSc) Fall 2019 Activity recognition from video data.
Donghao Qiao (MSc) Fall 2019 Pattern learning from IoT data.
Karen Batch (MSc) Fall 2019 Processing images of radiology text reports for monitoring treatment effects.
Priyanka Trivedi (PhD) Fall 2018 Pattern mining for storage management of massive IoT data
Ftoon Kedwan (PhD) Fall 2017 A hybrid knowledge management doctoral student framework(co-supervised)
Sazia Mahfuz (PhD) Fall 2017 A smart data profiling framework
Jason Lam (MSc) Fall 2018 Knowledge mining from unstructured medical text data
Mohammad Gasmallah (MSc) Fall 2018 Video object detection with face recognition (co-supervised)

Undergraduate Students
Name Date Started Topic Information
Yifei Yin 2019-2020 Estimating pecuinery damage amount by learning from unstructured text data in legal case descriptions.

Past Students:

Graduate Students
Name Date Started Topic Information
Tariq Abughofa 2016-2018 Dynamic graph processing with streaming data
Chanderdhar Sharma (MSc Project) 2017-2018 Unstructured text mining and topic modeling
Niventhini Indrajith (MSc Project) 2017-2018 Text mining for disease diagnostic.
Mandeep Kandhari (MEng) 2018-2018 An intelligent human-machine voice interaction system.
Dharmitha Ajerla (MSc Project) 2017-2018 An edge computing framework for fall detection using wearable sensor devices.
Dev Shah (MSc Project) 2017-2018 Stock market prediction
Hadeel Alghamdi (MSc Project) 2015-2017 Distributed DBMS in WINGS workflow management system (co-supervised)
Kireet Bhat (MSc Project) Sep 2016 Extending Spark for cloud-based big data analytics
Tarek Ahmed (PhD) Apr 2016-Dec 2016 Proactive autoscaling of resources for steam processing engines in the cloud (co-supervised)
Azadeh Eftekhari (MSc) 2013 - 2016 Binary: A framework for Big data Integration for ad-hoc Querying (co-supervised)
Mastoureh Hasanezhad (MSc) 2012 - 2014 Managing long-running queries using query progress (co-supervised)
Rizwan Mian (PhD) 2012 - 2014 Smart Spending: Determining cost-effective resource configurations for executing data-intensive workloads in public clouds (co-supervised)
Undergraduate Students
Name Date Started Topic Information
Harsh Patel (Mitacs Globalink) Summer 2019 Video based human activity recognition.
Yu Liu (Mitacs Globalink) Summer 2019 Clustering streaming IoT data to extract patterns.
Hongkai Chen (CISC) 2018-2019 Recognizing patterns from streaming IoT data
Isaac Hogan Winter 2019 Image Component Separation in Image Super-Resolution.
Yuhao Chen Winter 2019 Intelligent Interactive Robotic System.
Chantal Montgomery Winter 2019 Design and Implementation of a Natural Language Customer Query Platform.
Grace (Shihao) Ge Winter 2019 Design and Implementation of a Scalable and In-memory Data Stream Analytics Pipeline.
Kennedy Raltson Winter 2019 Creating an Intelligent, Multilingual System with IBM Watson.
Karen Batch Winter 2019 Modeling of animal learning.
Mitchell Skarupa Winter 2019 Edge Computing for Wearable Sensors.
Alex Wojaczek Winter 2018 Data mining and deep learning models for analyzing unstructured medical text data.
Ruoran Liuk Winter 2018 Design and Implementation of a Data Lake.
Marwa Chermiti (Mitacs Globalink) Summer 2018 Data mining and deep learning models for analyzing unstructured medical text data.
Lucas Rychlo Winter 2018 Lab reporting to public health Ontario: A cognitive computing approach.
Brayden Dewar Winter 2018 Data cleaning and correction using machine learning techniques.
Alex Weatherhead Winter 2018 Designing autonomous vehicles using optical object recognition.
Daisy Barrette Winter 2018 Training autonomous vehicles using machine learning approach with sensor data.
Michael Petkov Winter 2018 Image object recognition using enhanced resolution.
Mohammad Gasmallah Winter 2018 Video object recognition using deep learning models.
Paul Briggs 2017-2018 Using machine learning to predict enemy attacks in computer games.
Michael Judd Winter 2018 Medical text data analytics using NLP and text mining techniques for classification of lower back pain.
Alexandra Poole Winter 2017 Studying the symptoms of dyslexic patients with a view to building an automatic diagnostic tool.
Tiffany Leung Winter 2017 Exploring the applications of virtual reality to improve the quality of education.
Sacha Lansky Winter 2017 Studying the use of bitcoins and blockchains in enabling secure communication in multi-agent systems.
Jonathan Creighton Winter 2017 Developing a hybrid neural network model for stock market prediction
Matthew Sherar 2016-2017 Implementing a particle swarm optimization algorithm in Apache Spark for clustering big unstructured text data.
Hugo Goncalves Summer 2016 An ANN model for categorization and selection of music
Travis Rhee Winter 2016 An ANN model for predicting box office success using movie and social media data analytics
Arwin Chan Winter 2016 Creating building design forms using evolutionary computing
Dan Lefreniere Winter 2016 Predicting hypertension using ANN
Conor Fitzpatrick Winter 2015 Visual Perception and Attention for Game Development
Catherine Aylward Winter 2015 Study of cognitive models for Dyslexia
Sam Yeon Winter 2015 Developing a hybrid neural network model for stock market prediction
Mark Simon Winter 2012 Implementing CAPRI on Amazon Cloud using a Map-Reduce Framework

Highschool Interns
Name Date Started Topic Information
Morgan Gallant (Worked with us twoice) Summer 2018, 2017 Query extension for natural language query processing.
Kendra Denhart Summer 2016 Getting user preference for generating architectural design using evolutionary technique.