Mohamed S. Hefny, PhD, PMP, PEng

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Dr. Mohamed S. Hefny is an interdisciplinary scientist, engineer, and academic. He received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Queen's University in 2014. His research spans the spectrum from mathematical theories, through computer technologies, to clinical applications.

Dr. Hefny is interested in using data science and knowledge engineering to better understand disease occurrence and progression for prevention, early diagnosis, and effective treatment. He is currently focused on using differential-geometry and statistical-analysis to study biomedical data. He developed a novel topological data analysis framework for analyzing anatomical structures with immediate knowledge-to-action clinical applications.

Dr. Hefny has a successful publication record in top-tier peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He earned several prestigious, international and national, awards and scholarships. He also has 10 years of industrial experience including hands-on development and management. In addition, he is a community volunteer and active reviewer.


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