CISC 490*

Cognitive Computing Using Watson

Fall 2016

Big data is a popular term that refers to the large volume of data from an increasing number of sources now available to facilitate data-driven decision-making. Cognitive computing, which employs techniques from data management, natural language understanding, data mining and machine learning, involves the organization and management of big data and the complex analysis of the data to extract information and support decision-making. Cognitive computing can be used in a wide range of domains including health, finance, risk management, marketing, urban planning, and environmental studies.

The course examines models and methods underlying cognitive computing and its impact on organizations and decision-making. Students apply cognitive computing techniques to data from a chosen application domain using the Watson system from IBM. Students work in teams to select, design, develop and produce a business plan for an application that uses the capabilities of Watson.

The course is open to students in Commerce and to students in the computing disciplines. There will be an equal number of both groups of students in the course and project teams will include students from both groups.

Admission to the course is limited and is by permission of the departments. It is recommended that students with a computing background have taken CISC 332 (Database Management Systems) or CISC 282 (Fundamentals of Web and Mobile Applications), or have equivalent experience.