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Mary McCollam

School of Computing 
Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario
Office: Goodwin Hall, Room 527
Phone: 613-533-6763
Email:  mccollamATcsDOTqueensuDOTca
Fax: 613-533-6513

Courses This Year:

The brain is a three pound mass you can hold in your hand that can conceive of a universe a hundred-billion light-years across.
-Marian Diamond

Fractal image by Jay Jacobson
CISC 110: Elementary Computer Animation
CISC 203: Discrete Mathematics for Computing Science
CISC 497: Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Computing

Research Interests:

Teaching and Learning Technologies

Some people can read a musical score and in their minds hear the music... Others can see, in their mind's eye, great beauty and structure in certain mathematical functions...Lesser folks, like me, need to hear music played and see numbers rendered to appreciate their structures.
-Peter B. Schroeder

Image of Kepler's Stellated
                Fractals Centre for Teaching and Learning: Integrating Technology
Games for Health
Games for Change
Games, Learning and Society

Ethical and Social Issues in Computing

All experience shows that technological changes profoundly transform political and social relationships.
-John von Neumann

They that would give up essential liberty to attain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
-Benjamin Franklin

Animation of phases of the moon
              by Ed Stephan Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen's
Global Network Initiative
CPSR:  Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Center for Digital Democracy
Software Freedom Law Center
"All Questions Answered" by Donald Knuth