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The 12th International Workshop on Wireless Local Networks (WLN'12)

held in conjunction with
The 37th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN'12)
October 22, 2012, Clearwater, Florida, USA


Global Reachability through Local Connectivity


Wireless Local Networks (WLNs) play a major role in today’s world. From providing rich connectivity to realizing sensory and actuary applications, WLNs serve a wide range of applications. In its 12th year, the WLN workshop would like to focus on how such networks can be made to be energy efficient and cost effective, while maintaining high levels of availability and service delivery quality. It is hence our aim to focus on both design and implementation aspects in local networks that are reachable, or that can be utilized in to providing reachable systems. At the same time, we will maintain our open call in topics relevant to WLNs.


With this spirit, we are soliciting works describing both theoretical and practical research endeavors. We also encourage visionary and experimental descriptions. Short reports on work-in-progress and demos will also be accommodated.