Turing+ 5.2 (June 2018) for Unix systems

Copyright 1986, University of Toronto
Version 5.2 Copyright 2018, Queen's University at Kingston

This is the source and binary distribution archive of Turing+ 5.2 for Unix systems.

The following can be fetched:
Turing+ 5.2 has a number if differences from original Turing+:
  1. Alias checking is disabled - aliasing is silently allowed.
  2. Import checking is disabled - import lists are allowed, but not required.
  3. Bugs in the external naming of modules and monitors have been fixed, allowing for multiple modules of the same name in different contexts.
    This provides a method for using modules as "classes" with multiple "object" instances.
  4. The default and maximum length of varying-length strings has been increased from 255 to 4095 characters.
Rev 20.6.18