D.A. Lamb

David Alex Lamb

Associate Professor
School of Computing
Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario (see directions)
Office: Goodwin Hall, Room 626; Lab: Goodwin 624
Notes on teaching and academic advising.

In 2014-15 I am coordinating CISC 498: Information Technology Project and am teaching CISC 846: Software Design Methodologies. I don't have office hours, but can make appointments except where that conflicts with the following schedule:
Schedule: Winter 2015
Usually available Mon-Fri 9:30-2:00 except:
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Arrive around 10:30

Sometimes stay for 3:30-4:30 School meetings
coffee break

CISC 498 in some weeks
9:00-10:30 CISC 499 meetings

coffee break

11:30-12:00 CISC 499 meeting

14:30-15:30 Seminars in some weeks.
sometimes not available; ask via email

13:30-14:00 CISC 499 meeting

I received a Ph.D from Carnegie-Mellon in 1983, and am a member of ACM and Sigma Xi.