Two Word Puzzles

These puzzles are not as challenging as the logical and mathematical
ones, but are very clever. I have not been able to track their original

Puzzle 1

              A ___ sat in his ___ grey,
              Watching the ___ of moonlight play
              On a cask in the clearing ahead.
              And on it, these words he read:

                  "Thou ___ the weak.
                   Thou ___ the strong.
                   To thee, the ___ of the fray
                   Doth belong."

              And the ___ of leaves died away.

The seven missing words in this poem are all anagrams of one another.


Puzzle 2

        " ___ don't like ___ !" said the man in the black ___ ;
        "the ___ may be impressive, but when you ___ a person,
         you ___ a ___ degree of control. There will be a ___
         against ___ when the crucial ___ of this is realized."

Each of the ten missing words in this piece are anagrams of the one
before with one additional letter. (The first word is one letter.)