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* Parallel Computation: Models and Methods

* The Design of Efficient Parallel Algorithms

* Parallel Real-Time Computation: Sometimes Quantity Means Quality

* Nonlinearity, Maximization, and Parallel Real-Time Computation

* Parallel Real-Time Optimization: Beyond Speedup

* Parallel Real-Time Cryptography: Beyond Speedup II

* Parallel Real-Time Numerical Computation: Beyond Speedup III

* A Case Study in Real-Time Parallel Computation: Correcting Algorithms

* The Characterization of Data-Accumulating Algorithms

* On the Data-Accumulating Paradigm

* On the Necessity of Formal Models for Real-Time Parallel Computations

* Towards a Meaningful Formal Definition of Real-Time Computations

* Secure File Transfer: A Computational Analog to the Furniture Moving Paradigm

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