Quantum Chess

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1. Each piece on the board has two identities.
The first is shown in the bottom left of the square,
the second on the bottom right. The piece's current
value is shown at the top of each square.

2. To begin the game each piece's value is unknown.
Once a piece is clicked, it will randomly choose
one of the two values.

3. Once a piece is clicked, it must be moved.
If the piece has no possible moves, the turn
is lost.

4. Once a piece is chosen, it moves exactly how
it would in classic chess. All classic chess moves
are legal (castling, en passant captures, etc.)

5. If a piece reaches the final row while representing
a pawn, it is promoted to a queen. If a piece becomes
a pawn on the final row it also becomes a queen.

6. A piece clicked on a white square will remain its
current type. A piece clicked on a black square will
choose randomly between its two types.

7. The game is won once one side's king has been captured.
Because of this, kings are not forced to move out of check
and can even move into check.

8. By default the game is Player vs. CPU. To play a two
player game, select the Two Player button and begin playing.
To play as the black side, select Move Now and the CPU
will begin the game as white.