Graduate Students

Ph.D Students
Name Completion
Thesis Title
Talib S. Hussain Expected
Working Title: Network Generating Attribute Grammar Encoding
James C. Rodger 1994 Computer Graphic Displays of Three-Dimensional Shape Perceptual Investigations Using Discrimination Judgements of SuperQuadric Objects
Rick Gurnsey 1987 Micropattern Properties and Presentation Conditions Influencing Visual Texture Discrimination

M.Sc. Students
Name Completion
Thesis Title
Robert A. Adderley 1997 The Perception of Object Shape in Computer Graphic Displays
Jonathan D. Layes 1995 Active Tactile Feature Extraction Using Backpropagation Neural Networks
Michael Conner 1995 Object Recognition and Orientation Determination Through View Based Matching
Talib S. Hussain 1993 Artstar: A Supervised Modular Adaptive Resonance Network Classifier
Marcia L. McDonald 1990 Tactile Displays For Telerobotics
Eric G. Hawthorne 1988 Knowledge Based, Task Dependent Selection of Visual Processing Location
Mark R. Attisha 1988 Empirical Constraints on Parallelism in Visual Object Recognition: A Connectionist Model of Visual Attention
Selim Ulug 1987 Feature Extraction For Robotic Tactile Perception
Ian G. R. Smith 1987 Computational Visual Recognition Based on Geon Descriptions
Marion G. Rodrigues 1986 Context-Free Selection of Processing Location in an Image
James C. Rodger 1986 Combining Vision and Touch for Robotic Object Recognition
A. Julian Craddock 1986 Modelling Uncertainty and Decision Making in a Knowledge Base
Rick Gurnsey 1984 Scene Interpretations Through the Interaction of Image-Based and Object-Based Constraints

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