CISC 499 Projects: Proof-of-concept BBcode-based WYSIWYG Bulletin Board System

BBcode is a simplified alternative to HTML used in some bulletin board systems (BBS). I use one such BBS which recently has been undergoing a major revision to introduce a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) HTML-based editor, much to the consternation of some of the user base. This project is a proof-of-concept that there was no need to abandon HTML. The resulting system should have the following characteristics. In all cases the project must survey existing off-the-shelf packages and evaluate and choose among the alternatives. If off-the-shelf packages make the problem too simple to qualify as a CISC 499 project, we will negotiate additional requirements.

If more than three students apply, I will give preference to those who have passed CISC 182 (Web Development).

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