Cognitive Science Program at Queen's University

At Queen's University the Cognitive Science Program is offered by the School of Computing. It is an Honors Subject of Specialization degree program, which specifies courses from a variety of disciplines including School of Computing, Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Neuroscience. Students choose two of the three option areas from Philosophy, Psychology and Linguistics and complete 120 units (54 units of mandatory or core courses + 42 units from defined option areas + 24 units of elective courses) of course work to complete the degree requirements. As a part of the final year capstone project, students choose a research topic in cognitive science and a supervisor from any of the related disciplines to work with for one term.

Contact: Farhana Zulkernine, Coordinator, Cognitive Science Program

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Collaborative Research Group
  • The Cognitive Science research group consists of researchers from the Faculty of Arts and Science at Queen's who are working in relevant disciplines on understanding and simulating various aspects of human cognition, cognitive disabilities, and developing assistive technologies.
    We invite philosophers, researchers and the general audience to contribute to research problems by posting ideas, contributing data and participating in ongoing research studies accessible on this web site. You can also find out more about the research in the area of cognitive science at Queen's from the websites of the researchers. List of the faculty members doing research on cognitive science related areas are listed on the side.
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