Nick Graham

T.C. Nicholas Graham

School of Computing
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
Canada K7L 3N6

Goodwin Hall, Room 629
Phone: (613) 533-6526
Fax: (613) 533-6513

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My research concentrates on the technology underlying the design and development of the next generation of digital game. Current projects related to this work include: For more information, see the EQUIS Lab home page.

I am director of the EQUIS lab and member of the Software Technology Laboratory. These students are current and past members of the group.

I am a member and former Chair of IFIP Working Group 2.7 on User Interface Engineering.


In Fall 2012, I am teaching:

In Winter 2013, I am teaching:


I am a Professor of Computer Science at Queen's University.  I received the Doctorate of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) degree from the T.U. Berlin in 1995. I performed most of my thesis work at the GMD in Karlsruhe, Germany. I hold an M.Sc. from Queen's University (1988) and a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto (1985).

I have worked on the Turing project as a Computer Systems Programmer at the Computer Systems Research Institute (1985-86), as a Research Associate on the Nial project at Queen's University (1988-89), as a Visiting Researcher at the GMD (1989-92), as an Assistant Professor at York University (1993-1997) and as VP Research and Development at Namzak Labs (2000-present.)

I was born in Dundee (Scotland), and have since lived in Kingston (Jamaica), Toronto (Canada), Kingston (Canada), Karlsruhe (Germany), Trondheim (Norway) and Grenoble (France).

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