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Grad Students

2019-   Nicholas RadfordMSc
2013-   Stephen SebastyanPhDCardiac catheter guidance (with M. Kunz)
2016-2019  Mao YamanakaMScAlgae mass determination from photos
2012-2019  Benjamin CecchettoPhDLight-based reconstruction of internal anatomy (with D. Rappaport)
2012-2015  Sai BalaketheeswaranMScRecovery of arthroscope rotational alignment from image deformation
2011-2014  Matt SlonetskyMScArthroscopic user interface for knee Surgery
2012-2014  Thomas VaughanMScGenerating Patient-Specific 3D Models using a Pointing Device
2010-2014   Jerome Grondin-Lazazzera  MSc  Knee Atlas for Mosaic Arthroplasty
2010-2013   Stephen SebastyanMScStudy of methods of Computer Assisted Mosaic Arthroplasty (with M. Kunz)
2007-2012  Steven DevlinMSc(part time) Computer-Assisted Mosaic Arthroplasty - Three Methods
2004-2012  Jiro InouPhDRandom Accessible Mesh Compression
2009-2011  Nik TrutiakMScCartilage Quality Maps of the Human Knee (with M. Hurtig and K. Gordon at Guelph)
2008-2011  Dumitru OnceanuMScA Sterile Surgeon/Computer Interface Device
2008-2011  John LiMScAn Augmented Virtuality Arthroscopic Training Device
2005-2011  Alexei SumilaMSc(part time) Visibility-Based Load Balancing in Online Games
2004-2011  Ren Hui GongPhDTracking of Multiple Bone Fragments from Flouro Images (with P. Abolmaesumi)
2009-2010  Shachar AvniMScFrontier Sets in Large Terrain Environments with Applications to Decentralized Online Games
2004-2009  Amber SimpsonPhDConveying Measurement Uncertainty to Surgeons (with R. Ellis)
2005-2008  Kevin GradMScPeripheral Awareness in Video Games (with N. Graham)
2003-2008  Neilson MacKayMSc(part time) Analysis of CT-Ultrasound Registration Techniques (with P. Abolmaesumi)
2003-2008  Matt GuenetteMSc(part time) Triangulations of Multi-resolution Hex Grids
2005-2007  Kevin KassilMScHand-held Device for Surgical Visualization
2004-2007  Ted PotmaMScAn Articulated Atlas of the Human Knee
2004-2007  Martin MatusiakMScAltas-based segmentation of CT data
2004-2006  Robert FraserMScIdentifying Molecular Structure with Contact Maps (with J. Glasgow)
2003-2005  Sean RichardsMScPlanning Multiple Bone-Fragment Fracture Reduction Surgeries
2003-2005  Marta KerstenMScStereo Perception in Absorptive Media (with R. Ellis)
2001-2003  Craig KnowlesMScThe Temporal Image Mosaic
2001-2002  Chris BethuneMScAdaptive Slice Geometry for Hardware Assisted Volume Rendering
2000-2002  Zhijun DingMScAnimation of decorative mosaics (with A. Hausner) thesis
1999-2001  Ken XuMScAutomatic Layout using 2D Constraints and Semantics
1998-1999  Chris TrendallMScRay tracing refraction in hardware thesis
1997-2000  Ryan Meredith-JonesMScPoint Sampling Algorithms for Simulating Motion Blur thesis
1997-1999  Tasso KarkanisMScCurvature dependent implicit surface tiling thesis
1997-1999  Reimer SchubertMScImage-based methods of terrain rendering thesis
1995-1996  Liang ChenMScQuasicrystal visualization
1995-1996  Hong XiaMScSimulation of one-sided constraint problems