Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae for Michael A. Jenkins


Queen's University B.Sc.(Hons)	Mathematics/Physics	 1964

Stanford University M.S.	Computer Science	 1967

Stanford University Ph.D.	Computer Science	 1969

Present Positions

	Professor Emeritus 
	Computing and Information Science
	Queen's University
	Kingston, Ontario
	Canada  K7L 3N6
	Tel: (613) 545-6073
	Fax: (613) 545-6513

	Nial Systems Limited
	366 King St. East, Suite 540
	Kingston, Ontario
	Canada	K7K 6Y3
	Tel: (613) 542-6964
	     (800) 465-1798
	Fax: (613) 542-68277

Recent Professional Experience

Sept 1983 - April 1984	Visiting Professor
	Massachussets Institute of Technology

Dec 1988 - June 1991	Executive Director
	Information Technology Research Centre 
	(Ontario Centre of Excellence)

July 1991 - April 1992 Visiting Professor,
	Technical University of Denmark

June 1992 - Aug 1992 Visiting Professor
	IBM Centre for Advanced Studies, Toronto

Research Interests:

My early research in programming languages was primarily, although not exclusively, APL-related. It included a study of techniques for translating APL, a proposal for an extension to APL to include recursive data structures, the design of an extensible language based on APL concepts (with Jean Michel), and investigations into the semantics of APL using array-theoretic concepts (with Trenchard More).

Since 1981 I have been involved in the design of an integrated programming environment based on array operations and flexible typing rules. The initial stage of this project has been completed. The language Nial (pronounced Nyal) has been designed and a portable implementation is now running on a variety of machines and operating systems. It has been distributed to about 200 sites in 15 countries. It is being used to prototype software systems, to develop artificial intelligence techniques and in applications in animation graphics.

Recently I have worked very closely with Dr. Glasgow on applications of Nial to artificial intelligence. We looked at extensions to the language to support logic programming directly in the language.

An active collaboration with Prof. Franksen's group at the Technical University of Denmark has been underway since 1982. Two post-doctoral students spent a year at Queen's and contributed to the Nial design effort. Prof. Franksen is providing valuable feedback on the suitability of Nial for applications in system science. Professor Jan Jantzen is using Nial for applications in fuzzy control.

My research during the past few years has been on a typed array-based language and on techniques to implement a compiler for such a language. The results of this work are being retrofitted to Nial in an experimental system currently under development.

Current research also includes the exploration of ways to exploit parallelism in array-based computation. This includes joint work with Lenore Mullin on her Psi Calculus, and an examination of ways to exploit parallelism in Q'Nial.


In the past five years I have done consulting for:

	IBM Toronto Lab
	Lombard Insurance of Canada
	Objects Technology International
	Nial Systems Limited

Recent Research Publications

Refereed Journal Papers

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Refereed Conference Papers

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Unrefereed Papers

Jenkins, M.A., Jenkins, W.H., The Q'Nial Version 6 Language & Reference
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Recent Ph.D. Theses

Colin Banger		Construction of Multidimensional Arrays as 
			Categorical Data Types				1995
Eli Blevis		An Approach to Interactive Creative Reasoning	1990

Recent M.Sc. Theses and Projects

James Chartrand		Optimizing the Evaluation of Nial Expressions	1997
Priti Nigam		Models for Implementing Persistence in Nial	1997
Hon Wan			Automatic Intermediate Container Removal 
			in Nial 					1997
Donald Quon		Parallel Scientific and Engineering Applications
			in Nial						1996
Daniel Wevrick		Translating Nial to Sisal			1996
E. L. Dube		An Implementation of Bird-Meertens Theory 
			of Lists					1995
Hebert Pereyra		Buffer Management for Frame-Based Knowledge 
			Bases 						1994
Ai-Mei Wei		Mapping Frames into Objects			1993
Paul Buck 		Automatic Testing for Language Processors 	1990
Brent Buckner		A Theory of Arrays with Operations		1990
Machmudin Junus		A Model for Second-generation 
                  	Expert Systems in Nial				1989
Chandrasekaran Nair	A Model for implementing algorithms in Nial	1989