Skillicorn's 499 Projects, 2019-2020

Here are some projects I am willing to supervise.

  1. Detecting post intensity over time

    We have been looking at a white supremacist forum, trying to detect posts that contain abusive language and/or intent language. However, we haven't looked at the trajectory of an individual's abuse or intent over time. This project would involve taking the measurement tools and applying them to the posts by an individual, or in a thread, looking for temporal patterns.

  2. Geographical clustering of posters in a forum

    In the same white supremacist forum, some posters mention where they live (at different granularities: country, city, county, town). The project has two phases: first, extract these geographical markers from all of their contexts; second look at the distribution to see if there are any geographical patterns.

  3. What is the relationship between weather and breathing difficulties

    The KFLA Health Unit collects data about emergency room visits from across the province, and categorises them into 81 syndromes. Several of these correspond to respiratory difficulties, for example asthma or COPD. Some of these conditions are made worse by the prevailing weather. This project will look at the relationship between weather conditions and emergency room visits; especially can weather be used to predict an uptick in such visits. Also, are there geographical clustering effects in the base rate of breathing ER visits (for example, near polluting factories), or because of the direction in which weather systems move. (Could be more than 1 project.)

I am also willing to supervise other projects that are related to my research interests. If you have an idea, please suggest it.

All of these projects could be preparatory work for Master's theses if you want to begin graduate study in May 2020 (finishing a year later).

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