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WineMocol: Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing Laboratory
School of Computing
Queen's University


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My research revolves around using computing technologies to foster human interactions and knowledge sharing in order to advance our civilizations. After completing degree at Peking University and moving to Vancouver for advanced studies, I started using graph theoretic tools and optimization methods to design networks where users can move freely without infrastructure of any kind during my doctoral (i.e. mobile ad hoc networks) and post-doctoral (wireless sensor networking) periods at Simon Fraser University. Since joining university faculty, I explored innovative designs of computer network protocols to unleash potentials of wireless and mobile devices (network coding, opportunistic data forwarding, and delay-tolerant networking). The theme is to veer away from making wireless links as reliable as wired ones towards harnessing their broadcast nature for performance physically beyond what the wired links was able to achieve for decades. At the same time, I have been an advocate of the transition from personal-computing era to mobile-computing era. Threads of my research in mobile computing include indoor positioning of smart phones, mobile and location-aware social networks, and creative uses of mobile devices in education settings. I apply techniques of complex networks modeling, machine learning, semantic data mining, and evolutionary computation to investigate properties of techno-social networks in terms of their formation, capacity, and resilience. I am a believer in an inter-connected future immersed in computing technologies.

Notes to prospective students

  • I welcome highly-qualified candidates to join my team to conduct research in the areas of complex networks, mobile computing, computer networks, and applied machine learning. Funding will be available and competitive.
  • I also have positions for degree projects for students already in our work-term MSc program.
  • Send me your CV if you feel like taking a ride with us.

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