CISC 226: Game Design

School of Computing • Queen's University • Winter 2020

Final Submission

Your final submission will consist of two parts.

  • An executable version of your game
  • A narrated gameplay video

Executable Version of Your Game

Create a build of your game for the Macintosh. To build in Unity, select "File->Build Settings". Under target platform, select "Mac OS X". Then click the "Build" button.

If it is not obvious how to play (e.g., the player needs to know keyboard shortcuts), provide a very brief document with instructions.

Narrated Gameplay Video

Provide a video of your game including a recording of you talking over the video. The video should cover:

  • The key idea behind the game
  • The game's style and setting (e.g., platformer, puzzle game, shooter game, etc.)
  • The game's novel idea
  • Gameplay

The video should consist of actual footage from your game with audio voice-over. Aim for a length of 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

Above are five examples of narrated gameplay videos from earlier editions of CISC 226. Note in these examples how the novel idea is clearly explained and the gameplay is illustrated.

For a reminder of the technical aspects of making a video, review my instructions on how to capture and edit video. Please do not forget to compress your video using Handbrake.


Please submit your game executable and video using OnQ. Submit one file to OnQ, which is a zip file with the following contents:

  • A folder named after your group. E.g., Final-KhadriMarnerMatthews.
  • Within that folder:
    • your game executable, e.g., gameName-KhadriMarnerMatthews
    • your narrated video, e.g., video-KhadriMarnerMatthews.mp4


Before submitting, please consult the rubric attached to this assignment on OnQ to see how it will be graded.

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