CISC 226: Game Design

School of Computing • Queen's University • Winter 2020


Unity is available in the CASLAB, Goodwin Hall 248 location. You may also download Unity Personal Edition for free, for your own use on your own computer.

There are many excellent online Unity resources.

Consider starting with the tutorials on the Editor, Scripting and 2D. Then fill in tutorials based on your interests and project requirements from other areas such as Audio and User Interface. Christopher LaPollo's tutorials are helpful in getting started with 2D animation.

As a Queen's student, you have access to, which has many specialized tutorials on Unity. After signing in, search for "unity". Particularly recommended is the "Unity 5 2D Essential Training" tutorial, which gives an overview of 2D development. If this is your first Unity game, you may wish to skip some of the more advanced topics on your first viewing, such as object pooling, and creating a pixel-perfect orthographic camera.

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