CISC 226: Game Design

School of Computing • Queen's University • Winter 2020

Video Demo Presentation

In this phase, you will present a demonstration in class of your game. Your demonstration will be in the form of a 90-second video showing gameplay and illustrating your game's design and novel features. Your group will talk over the video in class to explain its contents.

The video

Your video should consist of in-game footage showing the game in its current state. The video may include game audio, but this should be sufficiently quiet to allow you to speak as the video is playing. The video should begin with a brief (2 second) title slide showing the name of the game and the names of your group members.

The video should cover:

  • The key idea behind the game - as captured in your proposal
  • The game's style and setting (e.g., platformer, puzzle game, shooter game, etc.)
  • The game's novel idea
  • Gameplay - show actual footage that helps convey how the game is played at both the micro and macro levels

Normally your video will consist of gameplay footage that you talk over during your presentation in class.


In order to permit all groups to present, we will need to be organized with respect to time. You will submit your video in advance, and I will arrange all submissions into a single presentation. Each group will present for their alloted time, and we will move on to the next group. If each group ran only 30 seconds over time, it would add more than 10 minutes to the class, meaning that some people would not get to present. To ensure that we have enough time for everyone to present:

  1. I will not accept videos longer than 90 seconds in length
  2. For groups who run over time, I will allow a grace period of 5 seconds, and then cut them off

You will need to practice your presentation in advance to ensure that it fits within the available time. I suggest writing out the key points you want to make as a bullet-list to help keep you on track.

Producing your video

Your video should show footage from your game. Read my instructions on how to capture and edit video.

Your video should be 90 seconds in length and should be playable on my Macintosh computer. Use MP4 format with a standard CODEC and 720p resolution.


Please submit your video using OnQ. Your file should be named with the format demo-KhadriMarnerMatthews.mp4, substituting the last names of your group members. The video must be submitted the day before the in-class presentation to allow me time to collate them.


Before submitting, please consult the rubric attached to this assignment on OnQ to see how it will be graded.

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