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Video Capture and Editing

To create a game video, you will need to follow three steps.

  1. Capture footage from the game. Both Windows 10 and MacOS have built-in tools for capturing video footage from a running game.
    • For Windows 10, use the Game DVR function.
    • For MacOS, use the QuickTime Player.
    • Alternatively, some people like the cross-platform OBS Studio, available as donation-ware.
  2. Edit your game footage. You will want to select the parts of your game footage that match the script you will follow when presenting the game in class. This will mean cutting and combining the relevant parts of your video. You may use the video editing software of your choice. For editing simple videos under Windows, the built-in Photos app works well, is easy to learn, and is free. For Mac users, iMovie is free and powerful.

  3. Compress your video. Videos exported from video editing tools are usually far too large to work with. You can compress your video using the free Handbrake tool. Select MP4 video format.

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