Parallel Computation Group

Part of the School of Computing at Queen's University, the Parallel and Unconventional Computation Group is located on the second floor of Goodwin Hall. Goodwin Hall (Copyright: S.G. Akl)

Our research focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of parallelism, with a particular emphasis on the following themes:

Research Projects


* Unconventional Computational Problems
* Parallel Real-Time Computation
* New Paradigms in Parallel Computation
* Computing in the Presence of Uncertainty
* Quantum Computing
* Grid Computing
* Distributed Databases
* Parallel Bioinformatics
* Scheduling Algorithms for Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
* Bounds on the Complexity of Certain Geometric Transforms


* Multiuser Detection in Cellular Basestations
* Broadcasting with Selective Reduction as a Model of Parallel Computation
* Computing with Optical Pipelined Buses
* The Optical Hypermesh: Architectural Properties and Algorithms
* Bounds and Algorithms for Cayley Graphs
* Parallel Algorithms for Circular Arc Graphs
* Paradigms Admitting Superunitary Behaviours in Parallel Computation
* An Implementation of Multiple Criteria BSR and its Applications
* Communication and Fault Tolerance Algorithms on a Class of Interconnection Networks
* The Star Interconnection Network: Properties and Algorithms
* Parallel Computation of Weighted Matchings in Graphs

Group Members


* Selim G. Akl
* Emese Somogyvari


* Waleed AlSalih
* Robert Benkoczi
* Ian Bentley
* Kyle Braak
* Kevin Brewer
* Stefan D. Bruda
* Fabio Campioni
* Salimur Choudhury
* Catherine Maxcy Chow
* Brendan Cordy
* Francisco de la Parra
* Kenny Deng
* Fangpeng Dong
* Paraskevi Fragopoulou
* Kamrul Islam
* Tauhidul Islam
* Anne Kayem
* Chi Kit Lau
* Xiaoshuang Lu
* Hong Li
* Lorrie Fava Lindon
* Elodie Lugez
* Cameron McKay
* Arezou Mohammadi
* Naya Nagy
* Marius Nagy
* Constantine N. K. Osiakwan
* Alexandros Palioudakis
* Sandy Pavel
* Ke Qiu
* Geoffrey Seaborn
* Amber Simpson
* Emese Somogyvari
* Ian Stewart
* Sylvia Tai
* Peter Taillon
* Hung Tam
* Sami Torbey
* Tanya Wolff

Publications and Technical Reports

Current Research Posters

Contact Information

School of Computing
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Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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Telephone: (613) 533-6050
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