CISC204, Logic for Computing Science: Winter 2024

Calendar Description:

Elements of mathematical logic with computing applications. Formal proof systems for propositional and predicate logic. Interpretations, validity, and satisfiability. Introduction to soundness, completeness and decidability.

Lecture and Report Materials:

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Brief Description:

Logic, often called symbolic logic, in this course is a systematic way to write and reason about statements that are either true or false. We will use a logical system called natural deduction, which both models how to think and can be used to reason about computer programs. We will write a statement as a logical formula; then we will explore how to prove a logical formula from other formulas and how to think about the semantics, or meaning, of logical formulas. We will begin with basic reasoning about statments and then enrich the logical language to quantify objects that we want to reason about.

We will have four parts to this course: proof methods for propositional logic; semantics of propositional logic; proof methos for predicte logic; and semantics of predicate logic. This course varies from many other offerings by including extensive material on the semantics of natural deduction.

Course content that relate to assessments are provided in the onQ learning management system that acts as a paywall for students who are enrolled in this course. Course content includes: scheduled assessments; non-credit homework; statements of assignment and preparatory material; and other supplementary material for the course.

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