Formal Languages and Automata Theory Group

Part of the School of Computing at Queen's University , the Automata and Formal Languages Group is located on the fifth floor of Goodwin Hall.

Information Concerning Our Research

The research belongs to the general area of automata and formal language theory. Some recurring themes in our work are:

Recent surveys

Current Research Projects

References to recent publications can be found on the group members' web pages.

Research Team

Current Members

John Alajaji
Mahzabeen Emu
Peash Saha
Kai Salomaa
Mohammad Zakzok

Past Members

Fabio Campioni
Salimur Choudhury
Adam Clarridge
Brendan Cordy
Mike Domaratzki
Daniel Goc
Casey Keeler
Bahram Kouhestani
Connor Little
Oliver Lyon
Chris McAloney
Timothy Ng
Alexander Okhotin
Michael Ounsworth
Alexandros Palioudakis
Thomas Parker
Xiaoxue Piao
Afroza Rahman
Oscar Castro Reyes
Paul Schofield
David Sears
Taylor Smith
Alan Wong
Jinfeng Zan

Associate Members

Cezar Campeanu - University of Prince Edward Island
Salimur Choudhury - Lakehead University
Michael Domaratzki - Western University
Timothy Ng - University of Chicago
Alexander Okhotin - St. Petersburg State University
Taylor Smith - St. Francis Xavier University
Sandor Vagvolgyi - University of Szeged

Recent conference on automata at Queen's

Contact Information

School of Computing
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6, Canada

Telephone: +(613) 533-6073
(or use the Queen's electronic phone book for specific individuals)