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BioLINK 2007

Accepted Papers



 Resolution of Coordination Ellipses in Complex Biological Named Entity Mentions Using  Conditional Random Fields 
 E. Buyko, K. Tomanek, U. Hahn

 Filtering Bioentity Recognition Errors in Bioliterature using a Case-based Approach
 F.M. Couto, T. Grego, R. Torres, P. Sanchez, L. Pascual and C. Blaschke

 Domain-Neutral Relation Characterisation: Evaluation on Disease-Treatment Data   
 B. Hachey

 Exploiting Synonym Relationships in Biomedical Named Entity Matching  
 V. Ha-Thuc and P. Srinivasan

 ProSpecTome: A New Tagged Corpus for Protein Named Entity Recognition 
 R. Kabiljo, D. Stoucheva and A.J. Shepherd 

 From Gene Names to Actual Genes  
 I. Korkontzelos, A. Vlachos and I. Lewin

 The BioCreative II Challenge: Assessing the State of the Art of Biomedical Information Extraction  
 M. Krallinger, A. Valencia, F. Leitner, C. Rodriguez, A. Morgan, L. Hirschman, J. Wilbur, L. Smith and L. Tanabe

 Learning Information Extraction Patterns from Biomedical Text
 M. Padrón, R. Torres, A. Valencia and C. Blaschke

 An Investigation into the Reusability of Biomedical Terminologies for the Resolution of Referential Expressions
 M. Poprat and U. Hahn

 An Annotated Biological Corpus  
 J. Pustejovsky, J. Castaño, M. Kotecki and B. Cochran

 Multi-dimensional Classification of Biomedical Text Fragments : Toward Utility-Based Text Mining  
 H. Shatkay, F. Pan, A. Rzhetsky and W.J. Wilbur

 Efficient Annotation with the Jena Annotation Environment 
 K. Tomanek, J. Wermter, and U. Hahn

 Interactive Medline Search Engine Utilizing Biomedical Concepts and Data Integration     
 W. Xuan, M. Dai, B. Mirel, B. Athey, S.J. Watson and F. Meng

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