IWSC 2011 - 23 May 2011 - Waikiki, Hawaii, USA

In association with ICSE 2011    Hot News: Göde and Harder win People's Choice Award!

Accepted Papers

Full papers

  • Viewing Simple Clones from a Structural Clones Perspective
    Hamid Basit, Usman Ali and Stan Jarzabek
  • Extracting Code Clones for Refactoring Using Combinations of Clone Metrics
    Eunjong Choi, Norihiro Yoshida, Takashi Ishio, Katsuro Inoue and Tateki Sano
  • Oops! ... I Changed It Again
    Nils Göde and Jan Harder (Winner - People's Choice Award!)
  • Index-Based Model Clone Detection
    Benjamin Hummel, Elmar Juergens and Daniela Steidl
  • Is Cloned Code older than Non-Cloned Code?
    Jens Krinke
  • Automated Type III Clone Oracle Using Levenshtein Metric
    Thierry Lavoie and Ettore Merlo
  • Analyzing Web Service Similarity Using Contextual Clones
    Doug Martin and James R. Cordy
  • Scalable Clone Detection Using Description Logic
    Philipp Schugerl
  • Representing Clones in a Localized Manner
    Robert Tairas, Ferosh Jacob and Jeff Gray

Position papers

  • On the Need for Human-based Empirical Validation of Techniques and Tools for Code Clone Analysis
    Jeffrey Carver, Debarshi Chatterji and Nicholas Kraft
  • Code Clone Detection Experience at Microsoft
    Yingnong Dang, Song Ge and Dongmei Zhang
  • Determining the provenance of software artifacts
    Mike Godfrey, Julius Davis, Daniel German and Abram Hindle
  • Research in Cloning Beyond Code: A First Roadmap
    Elmar Juergens
  • How Code Skips Over Revisions
    Toshihiro Kamiya
  • Visualizing the Evolution of Code Clones
    Ripon Saha, Chanchal K. Roy and Kevin Schneider
  • Clone detection through Process Algebras and Java Bytecode
    Antonella Santone
  • Towards Flexible Code Clone Detection, Management, and Refactoring in IDE
    Minhaz Zibran and Chanchal Roy

Tool demonstrations

  • VisCad: Flexible Code Clone Analysis Support For NiCad
    Muhammad Asaduzzaman, Chanchal K. Roy and Kevin Schneider
  • Live Scatterplots
    James R. Cordy
  • Efficiently Handling Clone Data: RCF and cyclone
    Jan Harder and Nils Göde
  • CloneDiff: Semantic Differencing of Clones
    Yinxing Xue, Zhenchang Xing and Stan Jarzabek