IWSC 2011 - 23 May 2011 - Waikiki, Hawaii, USA

In association with ICSE 2011    Hot News: Göde and Harder win People's Choice Award!


08:30Welcome and Opening (5 min)
08:35Session 1: Clone detection
Chair: Jim Cordy
08:35Full papers (15 min)
Index-Based Model Clone Detection
Benjamin Hummel, Elmar Juergens and Daniela Steidl
Automated Type III Clone Oracle Using Levenshtein Metric
Thierry Lavoie and Ettore Merlo
Scalable Clone Detection Using Description Logic
Philipp Schugerl
09:20Position papers (5 min)
Code Clone Detection Experience at Microsoft
Yingnong Dang, Song Ge and Dongmei Zhang
Towards Flexible Code Clone Detection, Management, and Refactoring in IDE
Minhaz Zibran and Chanchal Roy
Clone detection through Process Algebras and Java Bytecode
Antonella Santone
09:35Discussion (25 min)
10:35Session 2: Clone analysis and understanding
Chair: Nils Göde
10:30Full papers (15 min)
Viewing Simple Clones from a Structural Clones Perspective
Hamid Basit, Usman Ali and Stan Jarzabek
Analyzing Web Service Similarity Using Contextual Clones
Doug Martin and James R. Cordy
Representing Clones in a Localized Manner
Robert Tairas, Ferosh Jacob and Jeff Gray
11:15Position papers (5 min)
On the Need for Human-based Empirical Validation of Techniques and Tools for Code Clone Analysis
Jeffrey Carver, Debarshi Chatterji and Nicholas Kraft
Research in Cloning Beyond Code: A First Roadmap
Elmar Juergens
11:30Discussion (30 min)
13:30Session 3: Clone evolution and management
Chair: Stan Jarzabek
13:30Full papers (15 min)
Extracting Code Clones for Refactoring Using Combinations of Clone Metrics
Eunjong Choi, Norihiro Yoshida, Takashi Ishio, Katsuro Inoue and Tateki Sano
Oops! ... I Changed It Again
Nils Göde and Jan Harder
Is Cloned Code older than Non-Cloned Code?
Jens Krinke
14:15Position papers (5 min)
How Code Skips Over Revisions
Toshihiro Kamiya
Determining the provenance of software artifacts
Mike Godfrey, Julius Davis, Daniel German and Abram Hindle
Visualizing the Evolution of Code Clones
Ripon Saha, Chanchal K. Roy and Kevin Schneider
14:30Discussion (30 min)
15:30Session 4: Tools for clone analysis and visualization
Chair: Katsuro Inoue
15:30Tool papers (5 min)
VisCad: Flexible Code Clone Analysis Support For NiCad
Muhammad Asaduzzaman, Chanchal K. Roy and Kevin Schneider
Live Scatterplots
James R. Cordy
Efficiently Handling Clone Data: RCF and cyclone
Jan Harder and Nils Göde
CloneDiff: Semantic Differencing of Clones
Yinxing Xue, Zhenchang Xing and Stan Jarzabek
15:50Tool demonstrations (30 min)
16:20Session 5: The future
Chair: Jens Krinke
16:20Rotating panel discussion - Where next? (40 min)
Initial panel members: Abram Hindle, Jan Harder, Chanchal Roy, Thierry Lavoie
17:00Closing (5 min)