Big-Data Analytics and Management Laboratory (BAM Lab)

Director: Farhana H. Zulkernine

Located at: 633 Goodwin Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, ON, Canada

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AwardsCongratulations !!!

  • Isaac Hogan, Donghao Qiao, Ruikang Luo, Mojtaba Moattari, and Austin Carthy received the best student paper award at IEEE CogMI (Cognitive Machine Intelligence) 2021 for Hogan, I., Qiao, D., Luo, R., Moattari, M., Carthy, A., Zulkernine, F., Rivest, F., Brenton, M., 2021, "FireWarn: Recognizing Fire Hazards Using Computer Vision”.

  • Jason Lam and Yuhao Chen received the best paper award at MLLD 2021 for Lam, J., Chen, Y., Zulkernine, F, and Dahan, S., 2021. "Detection of Similar Legal Cases on Personal Injury", at the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining workshop on Mining and Learning in the Legal Domain, virtual conference, sponsored by Thomson Reuters.

  • New funding received from Pfizer Canada and Mitacs for the project: Prevalence of Moderate-to-severe Osteoarthritis pain of the hip and knee in Canadian Primary Care: A proof of concept study from the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network

  • Tariq Abughofa and Ahmed Harbywon the best paper award at IEEEBigDataService 2021 for

    T. Abughofa, A. Harby, F. Zulkernine, H. Isah, 2021, "Incremental Community Detection in Distributed Dynamic Graph", IEEE International Conference on Big Data Computing Service and Machine Learning Applications (IEEEBigDataService), virtual conference, 2021.

  • Yifei Yin won the best student paper award at IEEE PICom 2020 for

    Y. Yin, F. Zulkernine, S. Dahan, 2020, "Determining Worker Type from Legal Text Data using Machine Learning,”  18th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (PICom), Calgary, 2020.

  • Yinchen Shi won the best student paper award at IEEE IEMCON 2020 for

    Y. Shi, F. Zulkernine, S. Mahfuz, P. Nicholls, 2020, "An adapter for IBM Streams and Apache Spark to Facilitate Multi-level Data Analytics”  IEEE Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON)

Research Products    Funding and Collaboration Funding and Collaboration

Major Funding    Funding and Collaboration

  • Markitech-Mitacs funding for project "HiSarah: A Voice Assistant for Seniors".
  • Pfizer Canada and Mitacs funding for research on Osteoarthritis.
  • IBM CAS, OCE VIP I, and NSERC CRD - Multimodal streaming data analytics, profiling for storage optimization, and cognitive computing for activity recognition
  • Markitech, YourDoctorsOnline, and Mitacs - Medical chat analysis and remote biometric data measurement using cell phone video
  • CIMVHR, University of Manitoba Department of Family Medicine, and Western University Department of Psychiatry - Predicting PTSD, COPD, and Diabetes from structured and unstructured (text) primary care patient data
  • Pfizer, Mitacs - Analysis of patient care for Osteoarthritis
  • CUTRIC, Mitacs - Sensor and video data analytics and communication for autonomous vehicles
  • NSERC Create - AI for security analytics and creating secured cloud data access frameworks
  • NSERC Discovery - Big data analytics frameworks to advance machine cognition
  • CFI - Smart multimodal big data analytics frameworks

Research Goals:

Open Positions: (local students preferred)

We look for individuals with the following qualities/skills:

To apply for an open position, send an email with the following.
  • a cover letter stating the position you are applying for
  • your competitive qualifications and eligibility to join the group
  • resume and
  • a sample of written work (undergrad thesis/report/publication).
You will be contacted if selected for an interview.

Current Research Projects:

Please check out our BAM Lab Projects web page.

Research Collaborators (present and past):