Benjamin T. Cecchetto

PhD Candidate, Queen's University
Supervisors James Stewart and David Rappaport

M.Sc. University of British Columbia 2010.
B.Sc. University of Toronto 2007.

Research Interests

Primarily I'm interested in volume reconstruction using light and consumer grade imaging sensors. My research is focused on implementing cheap and deployable volume reconstruction techniques with an emphasis on medical imaging applications.


Cecchetto, Benjamin T., and Wolfgang Heidrich.
"Probabilistic Inverse Dynamics for Blood Pattern Reconstruction."
Vision, Modeling, and Visualization (2011). The Eurographics Association, 2011.

Cecchetto, Benjamin T.
"Nonlinear Blood Pattern Reconstruction."
M.Sc. Thesis, University of British Columbia, 2010.


Cecchetto, Benjamin T.
"Removal of Chromatic Aberration from a Single Image Using Keypoints"
CPSC525 Course Project, University of British Columbia, 2009