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BioLINK 2005

Accepted Posters


  Accepted Posters
     Text Mining for Evolutionary Biologists: Simple Tools for Finding Information Relevant to Distinguishing Orthologs from Paralogs
     R. Arens, M. Light
     University of Iowa, USA

     Presenting Text-Mining Results by Combining Graphics and Texts
     H. Chen, B. M. Sharp
     University of Tennessee, USA

     Evaluating and Integrating General-English Parsers on Biomedical Text
  A. Clegg
     University of London, UK

     Mining of Cytogenetic and Genetic Information from the Biomedical Literature
  N. Davis, Y. Guo, R. Gaizauskas, G. Demetriou
     University Of Sheffield, UK

     Protein Family Databases: Text-mining & Annotation
     A. Divoli, T. K. Attwood
     The University of Manchester, UK

    Transforming Full-Text Literature to Formalized Facts

     Q. Dong, R. Nash, N. Stover et al.
     Stanford University, Princeton University, USA
     Using Lexical Chaining to Rank Protein-Protein Interactions in Biomedical Texts
     X. He, C. Di Marco
     University of Waterloo, Canada

     Identifying and Extracting Malignancy Types in Cancer Literature
  Y. Jin, R. T. McDonald, K. Klerman, M. A. Mandel, M. Y. Liberman, F. Pereira, R. S. Winters, P. S. White
     University of Pennsylvania, USA

     Combination of Genetic Databases Improves Identification of Genes and Proteins in Text
     J. A. Kors, M. J. Schuemie, B. J.A. Schijvenaars, M. Weeber, B. Mons
     Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands

     Human-Mouse Anatomical Ontology Mapping: Terminological and Structural Support
     S. Luger, S. Aitken, B. Webber
     The University of Edinburgh, UK

     Extracting Structured Information from Text and Images in On-line Journal Articles for Localization Proteomics
  R. Murphy, Z. Kou, J. Hua, M. Joffe, W. W. Cohen
     Carnegie Mellon University, USA

     Knowtator: a knowledge based text annotation tool
     P. V. Ogren, L. Hunter
     University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, USA

     A Comparative Study for Automatic Zone Identification in MEDLINE
     H. Ran Zhu, H. Yu
     Columbia University, USA

     Clustering of Protein Sequence Families in MeSH Literature Space
A. Rechtsteiner, C. E Strauss, L. M. Rocha
     Los Alamos National Lab, USA; Indiana University Bloomington, USA

     Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions using the HIV-1 Human Protein Interaction Database
     B. Rosario, M. Hearst
     SIMS, University of California Berkeley, USA

     BLIMP: Biomedical Literature (and text) Mining Publications Forum, A Web-Based Resource
  H. Shatkay, L. Zheng
     Queen's University, Canada

     Tokenization of the GENIA Corpus
     Y. Tateisi, J. Tsujii
     University of Tokyo, Japan
     An Investigation of Features for Anaphora Resolution in Medline Abstracts
     M. Torii, K. Vijay-Shanker
     University of Delaware, USA

     Exploitation of linguistic features using a CRF-based biomedical named entity recognizer.
     T.-H. Tsai, S.-H. Wu, W.-L. Hsu
     Academia Sinica; Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan

     Mapping Ambiguous Gene Symbols to Database Identifiers
     W. Xuan. S. J. Watson, F. Meng
     University of Michigan, USA

     A Knowledge-Driven Method to Evaluate Multi-Source Clustering
     C. Yang, E. Zeng, G. Narasimhan
     Florida International University, USA

     Identifying Drug Effects in MEDLINE - Preliminary Observations with VIOXX as a test case
     X. Ying Qiu, P. Srinivasan
     University of Iowa, USA


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