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BioLINK 2005

Accepted Papers


 Full Papers with Oral Presentation
    InTex: a Syntactic Role Driven Protein-Protein Interaction Extractor for Bio-Medical Text
    S. T. Ahmed, D. Chidambaram, H. Davulcu, C. Baral
    Arizona State University, USA

    Corpus Design for Biomedical Natural Language Processing
    K. B. Cohen, L. Fox, P. V. Ogren, L. Hunter
    University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, USA

    Unsupervised Gene/Protein Named Entity Normalization using Automatically Extracted Dictionaries

    A. M. Cohen
    Oregon Health & Science University, USA

    Using Biomedical Literature Mining to Consolidate the Set of Known Human Protein-Protein Interactions
    A. Ramani, E. Marcotte, R. Bunescu, R. Mooney
    University of Texas, USA

    MedTag: a Collection of Biomedical Annotations
  L.H Smith, L. Tanabe, T. Rindflesch, W. John Wilbur
    A Machine Learning Approach to Acronym Generation

    Y. Tsuruoka, S. Ananiadou, J. Tsujii
    University of Tokyo, Japan; Salford University, UK

    Weakly Supervised Learning Methods for Improving the Quality of Gene Name Normalization Data
    B. Wellner
    MITRE, USA; Brandeis University, USA

    Adaptive String Similarity Metrics for Biomedical Reference Resolution
    B. Wellner, J. Castaņo, J. Pustejovsky
    MITRE, USA; Brandeis University, USA

 Short Papers with Oral Presentation
    A Cross-Domain Application of Natural Language Processing in Biology
    I. Chiu, L. H. Shu
    University of Toronto, Canada

    Functional Annotation of Genes Using Hierarchical Text Categorization
    S. Kiritchenko, S. Matwin,  A. F. Famili
    University of Ottawa, Canada; ITT NRC, Canada

    Scaling Up BioNLP: Application of a Text Annotation Architecture to Noun Compound Bracketing
    P. Nakov, A. Schwartz, B. Wolf, M. Hearst
    University of California at Berkeley, USA

    Searching for High-Utility Text in the Biomedical Literature
    H. Shatkay, A. Rzhetsky, W. J. Wilbur
    Queen's University, Canada; Columbia University, USA; NCBI, NLM, NIH, USA

    Automatic Highlighting of Bioscience Literature
    H. Wang, S. Bradshaw, M. Light
    University of Iowa, USA

  Short Papers with Poster Presentation
    Mining of Cytogenetic and Genetic Information from the Biomedical Literature
    N. Davis, Y. Guo, R. Gaizauskas, G. Demetriou
    University Of Sheffield, UK

   Protein Family Databases: Text-mining & Annotation
    A. Divoli, T. K. Attwood
    The University of Manchester, UK

    Identifying and Extracting Malignancy Types in Cancer Literature
    Y. Jin, R. T. McDonald, K. Klerman, M. A. Mandel, M. Y. Liberman, F. Pereira, R. S. Winters , P. S. White
    University of Pennsylvania, USA

    Combination of Genetic Databases Improves Identification of Genes and Proteins in Text
    J. A. Kors, M. J. Schuemie, B. J.A. Schijvenaars, M. Weeber, B. Mons
    Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands



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