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BioLINK 2009

Image Analysis Session



Image Analysis Session

Session Chair: Robert Murphy, Carnegie Mellon University

Introductory Talk: Principles of Bioimage Informatics

Robert F. Murphy
Ray and Stephanie Lane Professor of Computational Biology, Carnegie Mellon University

    High throughput microscopy is well-established for cell-based drug screening and will play
    a growing role in systems biology efforts.
    This introductory talk will describe methods for automated analysis of patterns in
    fluorescence microscope images, applicable to all types of traditional and high throughput microscopy.
    Topics covered will include:

  • methods for automated segmentation of multi-cell images into single cell regions
  • types of features used to describe cellular and subcellular patterns
  • methods for analyzing cell, nuclear and organelle shape
  • methods for building generative models to describe shapes and patterns
    The talk will cover concepts and algorithms but also give practical examples of how these
    tasks are accomplished. Basic knowledge of the principles of fluorescence microscopy and
    digital image acquisition will be expected.

Session Presentations:

   Paper Presentations:

    Structured Literature Image Finder
       Ahmed A. Arnold, L. P. Coelho, J. Kangas, A. Sheikh, E. Xing, W. Cohen and R.F. Murphy

    Integrated Literature and Data Exploration Using Interactive Brain Maps
       W. Xuan, M. Dai, J. Buckner, B. Mirel, J. Song, H. Dong, M. Bota, B. Athey, H. Akil, W. Stanley and F. Meng

   Invited Talks:

    System Bioinformatics and Bioimaging for RNAi and Drug Screening
      Xiaobo Zhou, The Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas

      Gene Myers, Janelia Farms (HHMI)

    Using Images from Journal Articles for Database Curation
      Hagit Shatkay, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

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