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BioLINK 2009

Accepted Papers and Presentations



New this year: Extended versions of selected papers will be published in Springer's Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics.

    Structured Literature Image Finder
    Ahmed, A. Arnold, L.P. Coelho, J. Kangas, A. Sheikh, E. Xing, W. Cohen and R.F. Murphy

    Toward Computer-Assisted Text Curation : Classification is Easy (Choosing Training Data can be HardíK)
    R. Denroche, R. Madupu, S. Yooseph, G. Sutton and H. Shatkay

    Mining Protein-Protein Interactions from GeneRIFs with OpenDMAP
    A.D. Fox, W.A. Baumgartner, H.L. Johnson, L.E. Hunter, D.K. Slonim

    Combining Semantic Relations and DNA Microarray Data for Novel Hypotheses Generation
    D. Hristovski, A. Kastrin, B. Peterlin, T.C. Rindflesch

    Multi-Label Literature Classification based on the Gene Ontology Graph
    B. Jin, B. Muller, C. Zhai and X. Lu

    Learning from Positives and Unlabeled for Bacterial Protein-Protein Interaction Document Retrieval
    H. Liu, G. Xu, M. Torii, Z. Hu and J. Goll

    Ontology-based Gene/Protein Name Normalization íV a Feasibility Study
    H. Liu, M. Torii, Z. Hu

    Combining Syntactic and Ontological Knowledge to Extract Biologically Relevant Relations from Scientific Papers
    A. Lourenco, H. Costa, S. Carneiro, R. Carreira, M. Rocha, E. Ferreira, I. Rocha

    Moara Project: A Flexible and Trainable Java Library for the Gene/Protein Recognition and Normalization Tasks
    M.L. Neves, J.M. Carazo and A. Pascual-Montano

    Integrated Literature and Data Exploration Using Interactive Brain Maps
    W. Xuan, M. Dai, J. Buckner, B. Mirel, J. Song, H. Dong, B. Athey, H. Akil, W. Stanley and F. Meng

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