CISC 203 Lecture Note Outlines - Fall 2019

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Lecture notes will be posted below in Portable Document Format (PDF). The CASLab computers you use should have PDF viewers installed.

CISC 203 Lecture Notes

The material will be covered in class, roughly, in the order listed below.

The lecture notes section remains under construction and more lecture notes will be added in the below list.

Introduction, sets, functions and relations.

Basice of combinatorics: counting and permutations

Introduction to probability , Conditional probability , Independent events and random variables , Random variables continued (notes on probability kindly provided by Robin Dawes)

Partial orders, induction and recurrence

Graph theory


Acknowledgement. Parts of the posted notes are modified from material by Taylor Smith, Robin Dawes and Magnus Steinby.

Note: The purpose of the posted outlines is to assist you in taking notes in class. Reading the posted notes is not a substitute for attending the classes. In particular, most of the examples we go over in class are not included in the posted outlines.

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