CISC 432/CMPE 432/CISC 832

Advanced Database Management Systems

Fall 2016

Course Information

The course examines advanced topics in database management systems. The course will examine the implementation of relational DBMSs including query processing, query optimization, concurrency control and recovery. The course will also cover topics related to big data such as data warehouses, parallel and distributed architectures, column-oriented data stores, cloud data stores, streaming data and NoSQL systems.

Students should have taken CISC 332 or have equivalent knowledge of relational database management systems and SQL. Course material will be taken from the course text and recent research papers.

All information is available at the course OnQ site.

Course syllabus

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Assignment 1; rubric

Graduate student paper; rubric

Lecture week2-1

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Lecture week2-3