Queen's Graduate Courses

CISC 868 - Computational Geometry (Prof. Meijer's page)
CISC 872 - Parallel Algorithms (Prof. Akl's page)
CISC 871 - Algorithmic Graph Theory (Prof. Dawes' page)
CISC 876 - Computational Complexity (Prof. Salomaa's page)
CISC 859 - Pattern Recognition (Prof. Blostein's page)
CISC 873 - Data Mining (Prof. Skillicorn's page)
CISC 870 - Theoretical Aspects of Computing: Graph Drawing (Prof. Meijer's page)
CISC 833 - Advanced Operating System (Prof. Hassanein's page)
CISC 834 - Syntax Systems for Natural Languages (Prof. Levison)
CISC 877 - IP QoS (Prof. Hassanein's page)
CISC 870 - Combinatorial Optimization (Prof. Rappaport's page)
CISC 858 - Programming Language Processors (Prof. Cordy's page)

MATH 874 - Information Theory (Prof. Alajaji's page)
MATH 877 - Source Coding and Quantization^ (Prof. Linder's page)

* :  in process;  ^ :  audited.

Master Thesis:

Fractal Audio Coding (see research page for details).

Course Projects:

Parallel Algorithm Study Report: brief summary of the parallel models and algorithms. [pdf]
Algorithmic Graph Theory Report: topics on the graph algorithm parallelization. [pdf]
Quantization Report: topics on the fractal compression. [pdf]
Complexity Theory Report: study on the Komolgorov Complexity theory. [pdf]
Data Mining Selected Method Study: Bayesian Approaches. [web page]
Typing Digit Classifier: Typing digits recognition program. [web page] [pdf]
                                         Paper reading summary. [pdf]
Middleware Application Survey (CORBA). [web page]
Grammar Formalism (Global Indexed Grammar) Survey. [web page]

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